Secondary Education


In this stage, the school creates a motivating and disciplined environment in which students are able to increase and develop their knowledge, skills and abilities so that they can responsible citizen.

We encourage the parents to cooperate with the school to help their children be more creative and excellent. During the meetings with parents after the term test, all academic issues of students are discussed in order to reinforce the positive behavior. We always contact the parents when necessary


Each term is assessment is related to the laws and regulations of diploma certificate of general education. Students have to complete the activities of all subject to receive the percentage of the total marks of each semester .

The academic year is divided into four terms. Each term is assessed by marks of continuous assessment and end term test.

  1. Continuous Assessment tools :

  • Oral short Tests

  • Class participation

  • Homework

  • Research, Presentation or projects

These tools stand for 40% of the term mark of all core subjects.

  1. Term test is affiliated to specification that consists of all assessment elements according to the school’s specification according by the private education. Term test represents 60% of the total mark.


Students in grades 11 and 12 study Humanities (Islamic Education, Social Studies, Arabic Language). They select either science or art core subjects.

Science Core Subjects:

Students choose one of the core subjects: Physics, Chemistry and Biology in additional to the optional subjects: “Musical Skills, Physical Education and Information Technology” and “Pure Mathematics and Occupational Guidance.”

Arts Subjects:

They are main subjects including Applied Math and Sciences. There are also optional subjects including Geography, English Language skills “Elective”, Music and Physical Education. Students choose three subjects from them.