The Primary Education begins from grade one to grade Ten. We monitor the students and make sure that they learn and develop different Life Skills and their Academic level has become higher.

Grade one to grade four each classroom holds maximum 27 students. All students are supervised by a teacher when they go to the playground, Music room and Learning Resources Centre to maintain the discipline.

Students undergo a lot of challenges and interesting experiences in this stage. Teachers aim to create effective educational environments where they place a great emphasis on the academic level and exploration of new experiences, help students develop their personalities and satisfy their requirements.

Teachers focus all their attention on students’ capability of understanding rather than the final marks in order to motivate students to learn and achieve good results.

Parents’ meeting is held after students are given marks report of each term in order to discuss all the academic sides of students and foster the positive behavior in the school. We contact the parents when necessary.


The academic year is divided into four terms.

Each term is assessed through continuous assessment marks and End Term Test.

  1. Tools of continuous Assessment:

– Oral short Tests

– Class participation

– Homework

– Research, Presentation or projects

These tools represent 70% of term mark of each subjects for grades one and grades two, 60% for grades 3 and 4.

60% of term mark of each subjects from grade Five to Seven , 50% for grades eight and nine and 40% for grades Ten .

  1. Term Test is affiliated with specifications which contain all elements of assessment in accordance with the school’s specification accredited by the private education. Term test represents 70% of term mark for grades one and two, and 40%for grades 3 and 4.

40% of term mark from grade five to grade seven and 50% for grades eight and nine and 60%for grade ten.


Grades 1 to grade 9 study the following subjects:

  • Humanities(Islamic / Arabic Language / Life Skills / Social Studies taught from grade 3)

  • (Math / Sciences/ English Language/Information Technology) in English.

  • From grade 7, students start to study Physics/ Chemistry/ Biology.

  • (Life Skills/ Musical Skills/ Physical Education / Arts).

From grade 10,the student choose their suitable courses which are as follows:

  • 1) Monolingual Programme: (all subjects are taught in Arabic, and the syllabuses are provided by the Ministry of Education.)

  • 2) Bilingual Programme:

Humanities (Islamic / Arabic Language / Life Skills / Social Study).

(Math/ Physics/ Chemistry/ Biology/ English Language/ Information Technology) study in English.

Musical Skills , Physical Education and Arts.

  • 3) IGCSE Programme:

National private School are accredited Examinations Centre by Cambridge University. Students in grade 10 can do IGCSE examination in May and get their results in August. The students will be nominated for the IGCSE programme if they get 80% in grade 9. They can continue their study in the IGCSE programme or join the bilingual programme provided that they succeed in 5 subjects.


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