General Overview About Our Kindergarten Department

Kindergarten stage is considered one of the most important stages related to the family, teachers and kids as well because it forms the child’s character, interests, preferences and it skills that help the child to acquire the right adapting means with the external environment. The child also will reduce his dependence on the elder people. We can say that this stage starts from the age of three years and two months till four years and two months, within this period the child is going to learn a group of principles varied between the sensual and the abstract. Gradually, this stage will lead to uncover hidden talent in the child character. The kindergarten plays a main role in developing the child’s talent through contacting the family and improving it to build a positive character. Hereby, we can’t deny the big role of the family and the importance of understanding this stage in order to build up a good and right structure family.


The child’s daily program in the kindergarten starts from 7:30 till 12:30. This schedule is divided into periods, many and different activities take place in it to achieve the discourse goals.

1) Morning assembly:

The morning assembly starts with saluting the flag then all students say the national anthem of the Sultanate of Oman. They do sport activities. Finally the press program is presented.

2) Morning session and social skill development

This is one period of the daily program. Children gather with their friends in familial mood of love and tenderness. Children sit in a circle to practice some organized activities directed by the teacher.

3) External playground and practicing children’s muscles:

The kindergarten square is provided by tools and devices the children can practice jumping, swinging, sand games and social games this can be done under the supervision of our staff.

4) Meal:

Children have their meals at our school during our daily program and within this time they acquire and learn good and positive behavior like: Social habits, Religious decency, Self- reliance, Learning the right habits.

5) Educational Corners: “Period of self-employment”

It is very important for kindergarten because children acquire good experience through sensual and tangible things it aims to renew their activities and let every child is choose his corner. This period enriches the child’s mental and physical abilities which satisfy the child’s needs and trends due to the emotional, mental, physical and social aspects. This stage is considered the longest among the other stages in the daily program.

6) Last meeting:

It is a meeting, the teacher sits with the children to see what they have achieved. They narrate a story or chant a song in order to learn new ideas on that day.

Trips and Visits:

Kindergarten section keens on organizing field trips to strengthen the relation between the child and the external world around him to let him get the chance to interact directly with anything and to develop his senses and abilities over noticing , experiencing and discovering.